Interpreter’s Call (22/9/2023) Somali – English/Greek. Lesvos

ILIAKTIDA AMKE, based in Lesvos, announces jobs within the framework of the implementation of the Action “Grant N.P. ILIAKTIDA AMKE for the implementation of Projects 1) ¨K.F.A.A. ¨Bostani¨ in Lesbos¨ with OPS code 6001651, 2) ¨K.F.A.A. ¨Pyrgos¨ in Lesvos¨ with OPS code 6001655, 3) ¨K.F.A.A. ¨Sourada¨ in Lesvos¨ with OPS code 6001653, 4) ¨K.F.A.A. ¨Limanaki¨ in Lesvos¨ with OPS code 6001652, 5) ¨K.F.A.A. ¨Roia¨ in Lesvos¨ with OPS code 6001650, ¨K.F.A.A. 6) ¨Finikas¨ in Lesvos¨ with OPS code 6001654, and inclusion in the program “Greece Program – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021 – 2027”. With a duration of implementation from 1-8-2023 to 31/7/2024. The aim of the project is to house unaccompanied minors, provide food, and support services in Lesbos. As part of the project, ILIAKTIDA AMKE announces the following jobs:

Job offer:

–      Three (3) Interpreters: Somali – English/Greek, Full time