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Date: (09/09/2016)                                          

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File code: 13/2016/RFQ/ITEquipment


Subject:            Request for Quotation for IT Equipement



Manner of Submission:


Bids to be submitted by email to

Closing deadline: time: 12.00pm date Wednesday 14/09/16


Important: Offers transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered. Please note that at peak periods the fax machine on this number may experience congestion. Offers should therefore be submitted in good time to be received by closing time.




The office of (Partner Agency) invites your company to make a firm offer for the following:


Item REF#1

Merchandise: Smart Phones

Minimum Specifications: screen size 5 inches, RAM 2GB, Storage 16GB, connectivity wifi and 3G, operating system Android 4.4, iOS or Windows phone, camera 8MP, processor min speed 1.2GHz, GPS, Bluetooth

Quantity: 6

Delivery place: Iliaktida Offices


Item REF#2

Merchandise: Laptops

Minimum Specifications: screen size 15.6 inches, RAM 4GB, Storage 500GB, connectivity wifi and ethernet, operating system Windows 10, front facing camera, Intel i3 or better processor (min speed 1.6GHz),  Bluetooth

Quantity: 10

Delivery place: Iliaktida Offices


Your offer should clearly indicate:


1.       Total price: price per item and total price of offer (including any discount). Under this price Iliaktida will pick up merchandise from supplier premises in Lesvos or Athens

2.       Transport cost up to delivery place (Iliaktida Offices in Lesvos): price for delivery of all items to Iliaktida Offices in Lesvos

3.       Validity of the offer: at least until 15 September 2016

4.       Defects liability and guarantee period: at least 1 year

5.       Detailed specifications:

6.       Place of manufacture and country of origin:

Information to bidders:


1.       Currency of offer should be in EURO.

2.       Iliaktida will not be responsible for any bank service charges.

3.       Inspection (at buyer’s expense) may be applicable and will be advised at time of purchase order and arranged by Iliaktida.

4.       Iliaktida does not undertake to pay by letter of credit or in advance of delivery.

5.       Iliaktida reserves the right to accept the whole or part of your offer.

7.       Hand-written, incomplete offers or offers which do not comply with any or our tender conditions will not be considered.

8.       There will be liquidated damages equivalent to a deduction of 0.1% per day or part thereof for late deliveries due to default on the part of the suppliers.

9.       Guarantee against anti-personnel mines: Iliaktida has decided to support an international ban on anti-personnel mines. Anti-personnel mines have killed and maimed and continue to kill and maim many refugees. A high proportion of these innocent victims are women and children. These mines pose a serious obstacle to the return of millions of refugees and displaced people around the world.  Iliaktida shall therefore not knowingly buy products from companies that sell or manufacture anti-personnel mines or their components. If you submit a bid based on this request, it shall constitute a guarantee that neither your company nor any affiliate or a subsidiary controlled by your company sell or manufactures anti-personnel mines or their components. A contract clause confirming this will be included in an eventual purchase order based on this request.

10.   Environmental policy: Iliaktida’s policy is to purchase products and services, which have the least negative impact on the environment. Environmental considerations covering manufacture, transport, packing, use and disposal of goods form part of Iliaktida evaluation and selection criteria.


Please acknowledge receipt of this enquiry and indicate your interest to bid.


Thank you and regards.