Data protection policy


ILIAKTIDA Civil Non-Profit Company (hereinafter Iliaktida) created through the needs of Lesvos’ local society aiming to fight social exclusion, through employment and individualized counseling for people with disabilities and vulnerable groups. It started operating in 1997 and officially founded as a civil non-profit company in 1999.

Currently, Iliaktida implements programs which offer accommodation and social welfare services in collaboration with the Greek Government, UNHCR, UNICEF, the International Organization for Migration et al. as well as employment program for people with disabilities and support for people and families with financial problems.


2. What information we have

2.1 In the context of the projects implemented by Iliaktida (running or completed), we have archived data of beneficiaries. These data are identification details, tax and social security id numbers, home address, information about education and financial status, medical history etc. Especially for beneficiaries who are migrant/refugees we have several data regarding their vulnerability status.

2.2 In addition we have stored data of employees or volunteers whose contract is running or is complete, and also data of people who are interested in working in Iliaktida. These data include, but are not limited to, identity details, contact details, tax and social id numbers, home address, information about education and financial status and any information may be included in an employee’s cv.

2.3 Iliaktida also has personal data of products and services suppliers (in case of personal businesses) which include identity information, contact information and tax id number.

2.4 Iliaktida also has data from people who have sent messages or submitted complaints using the relevant online forms which can be found in our official website.

2.5 Iliaktida has a mailing list of people who are interested to receive news regarding Iliaktida’s activities, news and job positions. These data are: name and email address.


3. How do we collect the data

These data are collected as described below:

3.1 Not automatically collected data

  • 1.1 They are forwarded to Iliaktida by our partners or/and by official authorities in the context of our projects implementation.
  • 1.2 They are shared with us by the data subjects during their registration to programs implemented by Iliaktida, or during interviews (if they are beneficiaries, potential employees or volunteers), or by applying their cvs and other documents for job positions, in person at Iliaktida’s premises or online using the form which is available at
  • 1.3 They are submitted by the data subjects who are registered to our mailing list.

3.2 Automatically collected data

3.2.1 Iliaktida’s website ( uses small files, called “cookies” used for user experience reasons. Cookies cannot be used to identify website visitors, but only for recognizing technical features like the browser the visitor uses, and the IP in case of unsuccessful attempts to log in to the website administration platform.

4. How do we use the data we collect

The data we collect are used:

4.1 For beneficiaries

For the identification, communication reasons and access of beneficiaries to welfare and legal support services offered by Iliaktida or/and collaborating public and private organizations. Especially regarding special category data, such us medical and psychological background, they are processed in order to provide to beneficiaries specialized support services by scientific staff and also, in order to share affirmations to official authorities if needed.

4.2 For employees and volunteers

For the identification, communication reasons and for legal obligations Iliaktida has for employees and volunteers, according to national law, and among others include salaries payment, payment of social security contributions, offering sick leaves, labor attestations and letters of recommendations, if requested by the data subject.

All data submitted through applying to job positions, are used by Iliaktida to evaluate their application.

4.3 For suppliers and partners

For communication reasons, to sign contracts and agreements and to issue legal documents (invoices etc). These data are also used during procurement and tendering process in order to assign bids to specific suppliers and contact them regarding the evaluation of their bids.

4.4 For persons who contacts us or submit complaints

In order to contact them regarding their message or complaint. Their data (depending the nature of their complaint) may be forwarded to competent authorities for further investigation.

4.5 For all data subjects

To prevent illegal and/or criminal actions.


5. Data protection

Iliaktida has taken all the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the privacy and security of the data above (digital and hard copies).

However the data subject accepts the fact than no security measure is 100% effective.

Yet, in the event of data loss or leakage, Iliaktida will act in accordance with the European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR).

6. Who have access to data

Access to personal data is granted only to employees who are responsible for works, in accordance with the purposes of these data processing.

7. With who are we sharing these data

All the data above are processed exclusively within Iliaktida and are not share with third parties, except the absolutely necessary data with collaborating organizations or authorities, in the context of legal and contractual obligations of Iliaktida.

8. Data subject consent

8.1 During the collection of the data above, the data subjects give his/her consent to Iliaktida to store and process their data in accordance to the terms of this document. By accepting these terms and voluntarily providing their personal data, the data subjects express their consent, expressly agree and unreservedly accept their data processing in accordance with the terms of this document.

8.2 In case of any disagreement, interested persons should contact our Data Protection Officer (hereinafter DPO), Mr. Konstantinidi Sravro at

8.3 Data subjects have the right to withdraw their consent for their data processing at any time. However, this withdrawal  does not affect the legality of the data processing based on previous consent, prior to withdrawal, as well as the further processing of the data, on a different legal basis, such as the fulfillment of the terms of a contract or Iliaktida’s compliance to legal obligations.

9. Data subject rights

Data subjects have all the rights provided by the provisions of articles 15 – 22 of the 679/2016 European Regulation (GDPR), and in particular the rights to be informed about their data processing, to access their personal data, to object the process of their personal data, to correct or transfer or erasure of their data.

For any requests regarding their rights, data subjects should contact Iliaktida and in writing inform the DPO.

10. Applicable law

This document, as well as any dispute or claim arises out of that, shall be governed by Greek Law and the provisions of the GDPR, and Lesvos’ Court has exclusive jurisdiction for these.

Iliaktida always seeks friendly and out-of-court settlement of any disputes arises from the application or interpretation of the terms of this document and suggests to contact Iliaktida’s management for any concerns at


11. Data policy changes

Any change in the terms of Iliaktida’s data policy will be published in and will apply from the time of publication, unless noted otherwise.

12. Contact Iliaktida

For any additional information or clarification regarding the terms of this document or for requests regarding the data subjects’ rights, you can contact Iliaktida’s DPO, Mr. Konstantinidi Stavro at phone number +3023510-37162 email: