Iliaktida AMKE is fully committed to fairness, integrity and transparency in all transactions we undertake, in all aspects of the organization activities. We also fully respect the humanitarian mission entrusted to us by donors and stakeholders. To help us recognize and deal with any instances of inappropriate, fraudulent or unlawful acts committed by any of Iliaktida’s personnel or affiliate actors, we welcome reports from anyone having witnessed such an act.

The report can be given anonymously and will be investigated by Iliaktida’s highest level of authority. Reports made must contain specific acts, with as many details as possible, to help management recognize the person being reported.

Examples of possible reports include, but are not limited to:

• Inappropriate or insulting behavior to a beneficiary of any project from any member of Iliaktida.

• Requests for any favor or bribe by anyone in Iliaktida to complete a transaction or provide a service.

• Inappropriate public behavior by staff or affiliates of Iliaktida.

Iliaktida AMKE sincerely thanks you for taking the time to help us improve.


    Thirty (30) days since your issue has been handled (except if there is any other legal obligation pending, depending the nature of your complaint) your data will be anonymous: we will delete your name, your email and your phone number and we will only archive your main complaint content.

    Please check our data protection policy here.