iliaktida's history

  • 1997 founding Iliaktida

    Iliaktida was founded through a partnership between Vostaneio Hospital of Mytilene, the Municipality of Mytilene, the association of Municipalities and Communes of Lesvos and volunteers. At its start Iliaktida started operating the day centre for PwD and the social enterprise for people with mental disabilities
  • 1999 iliaktida is incorporated as AMKE

    Iliaktida is incorporated as a Civil Not for Profit Company (AMKE) and starts a workshop for hand-made paper as another social enterprise for PwD
  • 2000-2010 coordinating the social economy network

    Iliakitda coordinated the Greek Social Economy Thematic Network under the EQUAL Community Initiative.
  • 2009-2015 iliaktida is actively involved in migration flows

    Lesvos was always one of the primary gateways for migration flows into Greece and Iliaktida responded operating accommodation and support structures for migrants as early as 2009 through government and privately funded initiatives
  • 2016 iliaktida becomes an official UNHCR Partner

    Iliaktida became an official UNHCR Accommodation and Protection Partner in February and a Child Protection Partner in April 2016. By the end of the year Iliaktida had expanded its activities in N. Greece. In August 2016 Iliaktida became a UNICEF Child Protection Partner