In January 2022, in the framework of the program “ΜΕRΙΜΝΑ – Safeguarding children at Greek border points” funded by European Union#DGHOME and implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Civil Non-Government Association ILIAKTIDA’s employees organized various creative, educational and entertaining activities for the beneficiaries that are hosted in Safe-Area Lesvos. The purpose of these activities is the creative management of the minors’ leisure time, combining in a pleasant way physical exercise, social interaction and cognitive-mental commitment, in order to minimize social distance and achieve acceptance.

The aforementioned activities were divided into eight categories that aimed to stimulate the minors’ imagination, as well as observation and creativity, in the purpose of expressing their inner need for creation, their skills and talent and their capability. These categories are:

  1. Scale modeling and assembling of ships, aircraft, settlements, etc.
  2. Music courses by a certified musician – staff of the organization.
  3. Sew and knitting lessons and activities with the help and guidance of experienced caregivers.
  4. Drawing and painting lessons, as well as relevant activities, themed by the refugee crisis etc., with the guidance of a graphic designer – ILIAKTIDA’s personnel.
  5. Decorating and handcrafting activities, including the making of New Year’s decorations.
  6. Handcrafts from strings, plastic and other materials.
  7. Environmental awareness development activities, such as cleaning the outdoors of Safe Area.
  8. Baking and pastry activities.In addition, we distributed clothes and relative items to cover children needs.

The variety of activities offers our beneficiaries the opportunity to play, learn, express themselves creatively, create their own artwork and, above all, to spend an enjoyable and quality time during their stay in the Safe Area of Lesvos. In addition to these, clothes and footwear were distributed to the minors in order to meet any needs.

All the unaccompanied minors –refugees and applicants of asylum– hosted in Safe Area Lesvos, under the tutelage of ILIAKTIDA’S staff, participated in and enjoyed the activities that were coordinated by our expertise and experienced personnel.


The Safe Area team on Lesvos operates under IOM’s project MERIMNA with the support of the Εuropean Commission#DGHOME.
This document was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed therein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union.